Monday, October 13, 2008


Have you ever been mistakenly thought as someone else by a stranger, or have you yourself mistook someone else as your friend, or have you met someone who was 'saling tak tumpah macam you'?

This is often referred as 'pelanduk dua serupa' or literally speaking mirror image mousedeer.

Elderlies would say that for everyone of us there will be seven people with similar facial features.

I don't know how far this belief is true, but there were a few incidences that I think worth telling to you all.

First incidence: (Similar names)

I was in Remove class in SDAR. The year was 1967. The school's PA system suddenly called my name, Azahar Idris, telling me that a relative was looking for me. I quickly put on a t-shirt and a short and ran to the office. At the office I met a stranger.
"Yes." I answered.
Oops sorry! I'm looking for another Azahar.
So, there was another Azahar Idris in the school. Strangely though, I have never met that another Azahar Idris all throughout my study in SDAR. Have anyone?

Second incidence:

We were enjoying our Satay Kajang at Sungai Buluh R&R. We were on our way home to Kemaman from Penang. A middle aged man (he had been walking about my table and watching me for sometimes) approached our table and asked:

"Are you Rahman?"
"No, I'm Azahar"
"Are you sure? You look so similar to Rahman, my friend from Jinjang."

We chatted for a while and before we parted we agreed that it was a clear case of Pelanduk dua serupa.

Third incidence:

I was in a Restaurant enjoying dinner in Khon Kaen, Northern Thailand. We were attending a bilateral border meeting with our Thai counterparts. The band was playing. I forgot what song it was.

Suddenly my eyes were glued to the guitarist. I thought it was only me who realized it. I was wrong. Dr Kamrulzaman kept on looking at him and then at me.

"Azahar, have your father ever lived in Kong Kaen?"

We all were amazed at the resemblance. He was exactly my carbon copy, with the moustache and goatie, except that his were free from grey hair of course.

He also realized it and kept on glancing at me.

It was a pity that I lost him as we were too engrossed in our dinner. He quickly left the hotel as his band finsihed playing.

There is also a man, quite a celebrity, an artist, whose name is very very close to mine. His name is Raja Azhar Idris.

Will I meet my other four twins?


RoyalTLady said...

I must thank you for pointing out the slight mistake. Actually I meat to say seeping but wrongly worded may be...

This post seems to be the latest? Why not 11.11.2008?

RoyalTLady said...

*****meant**** to say

azahar said...

Actually I have drafted it sometimes back. Only today I edited it and posted it, but suddenly the date recorded was October.

Is there any way that I could change it?