Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sheikh Razif

After more than a year searching for him, finally, yesterday, we met. Actually I had passed around the words that I was searching for him among ex-Sdarians in Kuantan since I first reported duty in Kuantan.

It was only a few weeks back that he came to my office, but I was out. He did leave his hp no with my PA. Then I called him and asked for a meeting.

Sheikh Razif is kind of special to me. We were classmates in standard one in SK Galing, Kuantan. We were separated at the end of 1966 when my father was transferred to Teluk Intan. Strangely also, Ismail Ahmad was also in SK Galing - he came in later and both of them went to SDAR from SK Galing.

When both of us registered in SDAR in 1967, it was him who, strangely enough, still recognised me!

After more than 30 years separated I was not very sure that I could still pick him out of the crowd. In the phone he told me that he was still the same.

I was standing on the corridor of Maybank looking at the crowd in front. Then I saw a man, small, wearing white kupiah and sporting white beard walking towards the bank. He was a bit bongkok and it was his gait, or the way he walked that exposed his identity.

I knew that small bearded man must be Sheikh Razif! He came towards me and we shook hands and talked.

At last I found him, my long lost pal!

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