Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I forgot. Yesterday, 7 October, was the day that Khairul Syakirin, our beloved son and our children's brother, was called by the Almighty.

How could I have forgotten that day?

Too busy with mundane worldly affairs?

Am I getting old and forgetful?

Only a reminder from Diyana made me remember that day. Thank you Diyana.

I know that you were very close to arwah. I understand how difficult it must have been for you at that tender age (you were six then) to have lost him.

You had bravely undergone what many adults could not do any better.

Remember how we had to sleep in our volvo for two (or was it three) weeks just to see that Mama was doing ok?

Remember how arwah was so happy knowing that we were very close to him and Mama when both of them needed us badly?

Rest in peace beloved son. We always pray that you will be forever blessed by Allah. Remember us.

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