Monday, October 6, 2008


The trip was unbelievably easy. I was somewhat guided as I drove into KL and straight to PPUM.

Traffic was rather light that day. Perhaps KLites were still either resting after a long drive back or they were still making their way back from the long holidays.

Parking was also easy.

From the paid public parking we went straight to Menara Utama building. The building was quiet and empty, almost eerie like in many horror films. A nurse directed us to fifth floor to Neroscience wards.

I liked the electronially controlled ward's door. I just have to call someone from inside to open the door for us. Only two are allowed per visit.

Shamsul was in bed 4. Tracheostomy was done to help him breath. His hands and legs were secured to prevent him hurting himself and pulling all the wires.

He showed signs of uncontrolled violent movement - seizures???

His eyes were open but there were no response. He did not respon when I called his name.

My wife was all tears when she saw her nephew like that.

One on-duty doctor told me that Shamsul suffered a severe head injury. There were multiple intracerebral hemorrhages. He had passed the acute stage and now they are doing their best to rehabilitate him.

"Can he walk again, Doctor?"

"We just have to wait. It will take time."

We all pray for him to be well again.

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