Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here are some real stories that I had personally confronted in dealing with the public services. This is not in any way trying to ridicule or belittle anybody, It is just for us to think about them and try to improve things.

1. I was in pain. My right index finger was busted open when a 2X4 plank flew, after being back-kicked by an angry cow, and landed on it. I could still hear the smack sound of the smashed-up finger.

In the doctor's room in a government's hospital down south. She looked at my card and asked "Why don't you put the Dr in front of your name? . She wrote it down and asked me to go to treatment room for cleaning and suturing.

In the room I saw an old Malaysian Chinese screaming as he was sutured raw. I shivered at the thought that I was soon to undergo the same. I lay on the treatment table as they got ready to do their thing on me. Roughly they pushed and shoved my finger to clean it.

Then, suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw the man pointing to my card as he realized that I was a doctor. "Doctor, doctor," he silently whispered to his friend. They stopped. One of them slowly put on the surgical cloth around my finger and then he applied local anaesthesia (ring block) to it.

"Why don't you do that from the beginning?" I asked sarcastically.


I was then sutured, without pain while the man next to me was howling in great pain. Why this has to happen?

2. My appointment letter came late. I had to undergo medical examination that day itself. I rushed to the hospital for the examination. At the registration counter I was told that medical examination was only done on certain day of the week and today was not that day. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knew that. It was boldly written on a notice board. But this was something out of the ordinary. I was going to join a government service. I begged but they refused. Then I took my appointment letter and showed it to them. You know there it was clearly written my job and my salary. There and then they said that it was ok. The examination could be done that day itself!

What if that someone needing the examination was not a division A officer-going-to-be?


Wan Sharif said...

We have been here for 55+ years.. and if we have yet to know these subtle and not so subtle differences(read unfairness/ malpractice)... people can accuse us of closing both our eyes..non?

azahar said...

Now I'm feeling more of the malpractices. Unless I use my, you know what that's in front of my name, things don't move or move at a rather slow pace.

I do hope with our 1 Malaysia thing, things will change. People are treated equally no matter who they are.

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