Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last night or rather very early this morning I suddenly woke up from my sleep. Memories of Khairul Syakirin, my beloved son, all of a sudden flooded me.

He was there, comforting his tired and lonely dad. He was still that energetic forever smiling little boy that I used to know.

After breakfast I called my wife and asked her: "Remember what day today is?"

"Of course I remember. Last night I dreamed that I gave him pieces of cucumber to eat." There were motherly sadness in her voice.

Today, 7 October, was the day some nineteen years ago and almost the same time as I was awakened up this morning, on a bed in the Institute of Paediatric, Kuala Lumpur, our beloved son was called by his creator to be with Him.

The day that everybody in our family remembers well till now, even his sister, Noorul Amalia, who has never met him in person.

We all hope that he is very happy where he is now and pray that he will wait for us, to take us into heaven.

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