Monday, October 25, 2010

Diyana had told me over and over again the right road to take to get back to the road to Petaling Jaya.

As soon as I got on the road after sending her back to her apartment in Taman Melati, I forgot all that she had just said.

Within minutes I realized that I had taken the wrong road. I had missed the left tyurn at the traffic light, or was it the right turn?

I had taken the road to Setapak. I then decided to just follow my instinct and see where I would go.

Luckily, I could still visualize, through memories of yesteryears, where I was heading to.

The traffic was real heavy, cars were bumper to bumper on the still-incompletely-repaired road.

Finally I made it to the Federal highway. It was not bad for a forgetful man like me to reach Petaling Jaya in less than 45 minutes from Taman Melati.


Maarof said...

Bro Azahar,

Get a GPS Navigator.

azahar said...

I'm still in that technology Bro. Maarof. Will do it one of these days though.

Martin Lee said...

Dato, what Maarof said is true! Nowadays higher end handphone will have GPS built in. Check your Blackberry, maybe just load in the Malaysian map? If a Blackberry does not have one, change it to an iPhone 4G then!

azahar said...

My BB has gone caput...drowned in our washing wife mistakenly put it in with the bedsheet...lucklit and surprisingly I was able to control my temper..he he