Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have dwelled on this topic before, I think. Since it was on the news yesterday I guess it is all right for me to repeat myself.

The majority of our toilets are in a bad state. The worst of course are public toilets. Not far behind are those in government institutions and also in homes.
Even toilets in places of worship are not spared.

Why? Is it not that to be clean is half of Iman?

We have to change our toilet habits. We use too much water in our toilets. Our toilets are soaking wet most of the times.

First thing first, I think we need to rebrand our toilets. Instead of calling it a toilet, why not call it a rest room? The words 'rest room' give the connotation that it should be kept clean and intellectually stimulating or just it should make us relax while occupying it.

Why is that our toilets stink worst than those in the West. I know for a fact that toilets in China are worst than ours as far as stinking level is concerned.

I think we all have seen how they do it in movies. They just let their pants go down to their ankles and then they sit on the toilet seat and do their thing. They read while waiting for their wastes to be discharged!

We can't do that in our toilets. Our pant and underwear will be soaking wet as soon as they hit the floor.

I think Idris Jala should form a lab to overcome the sorry state of our toilets!


Wan Sharif said...

You even have some big gun to also think on the subject.. Multiracial may also mean multi cultures and/ or habit..
Unless we have good policing system.. the alternative is probably to have people taking care of these rest rooms.. like what we have on our highways..

azahar said...

even those on our highways are not yet the standard that we all want...with all the looking-after they are still like that, what more can we expect from other toilets...