Monday, November 8, 2010


After a filling sea food dinner at the floating Umbai eat-out (thanks to Datuk Razak and Datin Yusmar) we headed out to Banda Hilir. Diyana was thinking of getting on to the River cruise and Amalia wanted to stroll along Banda Hilir streets and took some pictures.

We were shocked to see so many cars and yet so little parking spaces. We went around and around searching for a space. Luckily Diyana did all the driving.

We had to abandon our River cruise and night was just not worth it.

I think YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka proclaimed Melaka as a developed state rather too hastily. He should have perhaps wait till all the development works busily happening in the city to complete first.

So we drove back to the hotel. Amalia was grumpy for not being able to use her sister's brand new Cannon.

My wife's back pain and so too mine worsened during the night.

The first thing that i did after breakfast the next morning was to go out and find a clinic. There was one in Ayer Keroh height, just next to Yunus' Warung Anda.

I dropped by first at Warung Anda. I met Yunus' wife. She still recognized me. She told me that Yunus has passed away five years ago. I did not know.

After everybody had their breakfast we went around Melaka. First we stopped at Datuk Dr Baba's house in Taman Bahagia. It was still the same as we had lived there many years ago. Aiman was now a handsome boy with a brace. Anis turned out into quite a cute girl.

After Datuk Dr Baba's house we stopped at Nawayai's house. We had a long chat and the fried noodle Suhaibah prepared was delicious!

At two we left Melaka for Kemaman....


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, being all by yourself you would begin to see and accept friendly criticism without going off your handle. Then, hopefully, more people will pay respect and leave comments - and you no longer wondering and lamenting 'why so quiet?'
I am sure your new life will be more rewarding than the earlier part of your career.

azahar said...

What you defined as a friendly criticism may not be so to me.

Don't bother to come in if you still believe you know best about me.

My life has always been rewarding and I thank Allah for that. May be you will be brave enough to come out of your hiding and say out loud who you really are.