Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night was my last night in the house that I have rented for the past three months. It was actually a homestay house in Permint Perdana in Kg Batin. It was owned by the successful local optometrist, Hj. Senadi.

For the past three months I came back to the house not earlier than 6.30 everyday, took a short rest, prepare dinner, took evening bath, had early dinner, perform maghrib prayers, recite the holy Al-Quran, watch tv and soon dozed off...

That was life for me, living all alone in the house. I only knew two neighbours. That too we seldom met and let alone had long chat with.

That must have been the loneliest three months I ever had. Despite the loneliness, I did enjoy my life now, to tell you the truth.

This evening after work I will be heading to my new house, somewhere near the airport.

Actually I have paid last month's rental for the house, but I just do not move in as yet.

Why? The house is empty. I have requested Nik Azhar, the owner to place 'tikar getah' to cover the bare cement floor and he has done it.

I have bought myself a bed and a mattress. I think I will just sleep tonight. No sofa, no tv, no cupboard, no dining table, no stove, etc.

My daughter pestered me to get me a tv...of which I will do it asap...can't imagine sitting alone in the house without a tv set.

But, there are plenty of food joints here...I think most probably I will not cook anymore for dinner..ha ha

One more thing, Tok Jembal is where I spent quite some time when I was an adolescent...Need time to explore, see whether there is any place that will tick my memories....


azahar said...

Thanks Allah my first night went very well. Had a really nice undisturbed sleep. Woke up at 4.00 feeling really fresh.

Met Amer my next door neighbour. He drives a Camry

Martin Lee said...

Congratulate you on finally getting your very own place. I suppose you choose this particular place for a reason, whether sentimental or others!

Hope you enjoy your good stay in KT from now onwards. When men left to stay this way with some little loneliness in-between could spice up your life, having more space to think deeper, and do things of our own and our way!

azahar said...

Like they say: Sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan. I think so too