Sunday, November 21, 2010


It has always been very irritating going out for food during peak holiday seasons, when most eateries are either closed or under-staffed and under-supplied.

For the past few nights, because of the rather EidulAdha holidays, we could not find a decent place for dinner.

At a restaurant in Teluk Ketapang beach a cute little girl came to us telling that they were closing, food items were already depleted. At 8.30 pm?

Then we drove on to Mama's TomYam hoping that our luck would be better. We were wrong. It was closed.

WE then drove on to Batu Buruk. Our favourite Nil Restaurant was closed too. So too we the two Hainan Chicken rice joints.

WE had no choice but just chose one of the more crowded food joints there, hoping that the food served would be better.

We were once again frustrated. This time by both the quality and quantity of food served. The battered fried squid was not only too small for its RM10 price-tag but it was also on the verge of being rotten.

The amount of noodles in Amalia's Mee Tomyam was so very little that she could count the strands!

The coconut that I ordered was far too young that there was nothing to scrape.

Last night we went around in search of place to eat. There was not many joints that were opened.

Finally we saw the restaurant. It was full of people looking for a place for dinner. The restaurant looked convincing from afar.

I ordered myself a lamb chop, Amalia and My wife again chose Mee Tomyam and Syazwan picked Nasi Goreng paprik.

My lamb chop arrived first. It was dry and over-cooked. After really putting much effort to saw my way through the pieces of lamb, I finished it within more than half an hour.

The other orders did not show up until we gave up and went to the counter to pay for whatever food that have arrived.

Nobody said sorry for our inconvenience and for the poor service. We left the restaurant very angry and hungry.

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