Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is here again

It is just unbelievable and almost unreal how suspicion, negative thoughts and perceptions have changed the way we love each other, I mean my wife and I.

No, we have never stopped loving each other. It is just that her biology, physiology and not to mention her hormone levels, I guess that had somewhat soured our husband-and-wife intimate relationship. 

She had somewhat lost interest, while I had not! I never said that we had completely stopped performing the ritual. We still did it, but with less vigour and volunteerism. It had become a one-sided affair most of the time and almost robotic to say the least.

Contrary to the popular saying, absence sickened, instead of making the hearts grow fonder!

Suddenly I became a monster. Several minutes delay in responding to her sms or call was interpreted as being with someone else. Giggles and voices of the opposite sex caught on while we were talking over the hp were taken as I was having dinner or good times with the opposite gender.

It was difficult and outright mentally-disturbing when here I was doing things, sitting watching television, having dinner and sleeping, alone and there she was accusing me of having jolly good times with someone else! 

Only prayers and inner-self-strength made me continuously sane during this trying period. All the challenges that we had faced together made us persevere.

Then, just like that, everything change for the better. Sure, the tantrum of a jealous wife is still there, but it is of very much less severity than before.

Our intimacy, well we are now just like a newly wed couple. Our time spent together was quality time. It is no more robotic in nature, instead it is always full of life, zealousness and zest. In short, it will make newly weds run for their money if they do not excel in it!

Thanks Allah for bringing light to her and making her accept the way our life is at the moment. I just feel obligated to the students and the faculty. It is my responsibility to Allah to pass on what I am blessed with before they are lost with age.

 After all she is the one and the only wife I have for now. I'll never leave her, let alone abuse her.


Bagman and Butler said...

What a wonderful, courageous and refreshingly honest blog. Over the years of my marriage, I have watched how love changes -- deepens, changes focus, waxes and wanes. The love my wife and I now share would probably not be identified as love by younger people. I'm glad to have read your blog today.

azahar said...

Thank you for dropping in. Well, that's what love is.