Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amalia was selected as the sportgirl (olahragawati) of SK Pusat 2008. No word could exactly describe how elated (I borrowed this word from her vocabulary) she was.

She did not believe it at first. She thought that another friend of hers deserved it more. Then the teachers explained that she was the only student who had represented both the school and the district.

This afternoon at three, she will attend the graduation ceremony at Majlis Perbandaran Kemaman Hall. My wife and I will not miss that for anything. I just cannot wait to see her walking up the stage to receive the certificate.

Many years ago, her sister Diyana made us all proud when she, in her white dress, walked up the stage of Chase Street Elementary School, Athens, Georgia, US, to receive her Best All-Rounder and Straight A's certificate from the Principal.

God willing, tomorrow morning she will get her UPSR results. She was one of the students expected by teachers to get 5 A's.

She has improved a lot while in SK Pusat Kemaman. The teachers really made them work hard to get the best results. We have to thank the class teacher, the science teacher, and all who have sacrificed their valuable time organizing extra classes and camps just to improve their students.

Amalia, being the youngest in the family, have decided not to go to a boarding school. All she wants is to get 5 A's and to receive the offer letter!

We do not mind. For me, a product of a boarding school, it was different scenario now. Now the house is a much better place for students compared to any school hostel.

Though in my heart I still want her to go to a boarding school, I will let her to decide. Who knows after getting 5 A's she will change her heart.

No matter what, we love you very much Amalia. May Allah guide you to the right path and may you be a solehah daughter.

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