Monday, November 17, 2008


Kulak sisir, despite of its dull looking features, has been and still is my favourite dish.

Finding it in the wet market is getting more difficult, if not almost impossible at times.

It is a local edible mushroom normally found on dead rubber trees. It normally thrives well after rain.

Because of its small size, gathering it requires some effort. Effort is something not many people nowadays have.

Last Saturday, as usual, I went to Chukai wet market trying to find something extra-ordinary.

On a piece of plastic my eyes met four clumps of very familiar thing - kulak sisir. They were still wet, unlike many other occassions I found them.

Wasting no time, I bought them all for RM8.00 dollars.

"Sedak wak masok ngang sayur capo" ("It is good to be cooked with veges")

"Dok, saya suka masuk goreng belada...."

At home, my wife cooked a delicious chilli kulak sisir. Amalia just loved it, so much so that she ate it just like that.


RoyalTLady said...

you made me my mouth waters...

On four occasions I found huge kulat in a slope part of the compound. I dare not climb it in case I slipped and that would make a certain nasty fall.

There were so much of them that I share with many people. They have long stems, white like umbrella, very meaty and tasty... sad...I dunno what its proper name.

azahar said...

That was another type of mushroom...I used to collect them when I was small in Kg Tuan...that made me remember my arwah grandma who used to prepare delicious mushroom soup...

Kulat sisir (I am still searching for its scientific name) is very small, no stem at all...greyish in colour..and very delicious