Monday, November 17, 2008


I was somewhat addicted to tear-jerking films, be it English, Hindustani and even Malay.

I always love films where the underdogs, after grit, determination and perseverence, win.

Tears will normally flow freely whenever I give full attention to watching such films.

The latest such film was OUR HOUSE. A lonely rich mother who was saved from a suicide attempt by a homeless lady. In gratitude, she went out looking for her saver.

Found her. From her she learnt a lot about life itself. About living to help others less fortunate, instead of too busy with herself.

She brought her saver to share her spacious-but-empty house. As the story went on, more homeless people were brought in.

She was later diagnosed with terminal cancer - her cancer has spread all over.

With the help of her lawyer daughter (who was awakened from her selfish life by the saver) she won the court case filed by her neighbours.

How? She listed all her friends as co-owner of the house.

In her dying moments, she asked her saver to read her book entitled OUR HOUSE....

A house has four walls and a roof to shelter us...but a home is where love is shared between the occupants....

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RoyalTLady said...

I saw, I saw it...yes, I was watching this story...
and of course the "tears running sessions"..