Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here they came

Once again our house comes back to its normal state - full of activities, noises of full-grown children and young adults shouting and yelling at one another (friendly quarrels of course).

One by one they came back. Diyana was the first to do so. Her second last semester was really nerve-wrecking for her. At least that was what she told me.

I don't know much about law, but according to her she had to do things that practising lawyers take a week to complete within 45 minutes!

She will have a long vacation to relax at home and enjoying good food. She likes to cook spaghetti - you know the Prego sauce, mayonnaise, etc. Amalia and Amirul (her cousin) really enjoy the spaghetti, both the red and white sauce versions.

Then Syazwan came home, two weeks earlier than he first told us. He was supposed to play rugby for UITM Perak's team in the Inter UITM sports carnival. But he suddenly suffered an akle injury, of all the places, while playing futsal!

His ankle once again was swollen. So, I asked him to just forget about rugby and come home to get it healed. He was so frustrated for having to miss the games.

Three days at home, he was confident that the ankle had healed and he was very eagre to go back to Ipoh and play.

He tried jogging around the housing complex. The pain was still there and it got worse - all purplish in colour. Then it finally dawned on him that he had to miss the games.

I told him it was ok. He still has all the time in the world to play again later.

A few days later he got a call from Ali telling that there will be a 7-aside rugby tournament in a few weeks times in Ipoh. This time they (the old SMKGR team) will be representing a private IPT in Ipoh.

Once again his rugby spirit was up. He is so addictive to rugby. Still remember how it all began.

It was in Bukit Mertajam High School that he was first exposed to rugby. He was a chubby boy then. At first he told me that he was very slow and wondered whether rugby was his game.

His first rugby coach advised him to be patient and train hard. So there he was on the field almost every afternoon. From there he never looked back.

By playing rugby he had reduced his body weight significantly.

So, it is true what Diyana said in her blog - he could not live without her loud family!

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The Dutchess said...

It so wonderful when the house is filled with love and laughter! I also am very hapy when my daughters.age-26-23-21-are coming home to visit or stay for a few days..We can sit and talk for ours!

About my little post in my Holland I believe we like kittens more than dogs..To often you find stray sad that people don't take responsibility when they dicide to take a pet!

So nice of you to visit my little garden..happy family days to you..:)