Monday, November 24, 2008

Pahang Cat Competition

There were 75 of them hairy and not so hairy creatures that day.

They came with wide-ranging names, from as simple as Comot to as fancy as Abu Gabang, Azora, Rimba Kencana and Yamba.

They were the contestants of this year's Cat Competition Pahang. It was held at Kuantan Parade.

Cats were divided into three categories - Domestic long hair, Domestic short hair and Exotic cat.

It was a sussessful competition. Cat lovers from as far as Bentung came down with their beautiful cats.

It was just delightful to see children casually holding their cats during picture taking sessions after they were announced winners.

It was a promising sight, children at that age were already accustomed to proper handling and management of cats.

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