Thursday, November 13, 2008


We were there at Dewan Seri Geliga MPK to witness the Graduation ceremony of Year 6 students of SK Pusat Kemaman.

Amalia was the best dressed student that day - that was what I overheard teachers whispering. Indeed, she was so elegant in her sister's turqoise baju kurung and blue floral head scarf.

One by one the students walked up the stage to receive their school certificate.

Then I met Mohd Fezul Atan, a junior Sdara that I have been searching for all these while - my first bonus.

He is the school's PTA chairman. His daughter is in the same class as Amalia. As usual, we chatted as if we knew each other long. Actually he is very much junior. He was from the 80-84 batch.

My second bonus came 16 hours than it was supposed to be announced - Amalia's UPSR results.

At 6.30 12 November Rohana, my sister called me breaking the happy news - Amalia scored 5 A's in UPSR!

Amalia was so upset when everybody knew her results earlier than her. She had planned it beforehand that she would suprise us all.

Never mind Amalia, you have made it. Congratulation!


RoyalTLady said...

Congratulations Amalia!!! and to your parents too for making you succeed well.

azahar said...

Thanks. I'll convey it to Amalia.

Actually everybody is happy, parents and teachers alike.

22 SK Pusat students scored 5 A's last year it was 21.