Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As Ramadhan progresses towards Syawal, more and more cases of children hurting themselves in firecrackers-related accidents. Some lost their fingers, a few ruined their eyesight, many sustained injuries and very few even lost their lives because of firecrackers.

Paradoxically, we do have quite a stringent law banning the manufacture, import and sale of these damaging and good-for-nothing contrabands. Where is our enforcement?

Yes, there are cases of smuggled firecrackers confiscated, but I am sure many more seep through our borders.

What about parents? Why can't they have a better control of their children coming into contact with the supplier of these noisy firecrackers?

I for one really hate it when suddenly a big firecracker exploded in front of my house deafening as well as near killing me, if I were to have a weak heart!

Please let us take this issue as a national rather than the on-off thing. Enforce the banning of firecrackers hard. Instead of trying to boycott Israel related goods why don't we boycott anything to do with firecrackers instead.

Instead of wasting our time and energy trying to stop people buying products that are said to be associated with Israel (but knowing very well it is almost impossible thing to do, at least now), we better put our energy and time on making people stop buying firecrackers, no matter how slow and harmless they are as claimed by the sellers.

Let us make the few remaining days of Ramadhan and the Syawal month completely free of firecrackers.

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nurleeta said...

salam.. i'm heavily sick with these firecrackers and irresponsible parents for allowing their children buying n playing the f/crackers.