Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Food stalls, little and big, were mushrooming everywhere with the advent of Ramadhan. In almost every corner and available spaces by the road-sides you could see them selling cookies, lauk and juices.

Like always, Malaysians are in too deep thinking about what to relish during breakfast after their long dawn-to-dusk 'starvation & thirst'.

This time around as you know I spent 5 days in a week observing fasting alone. You also probably would have known by now that I am just too plain lazy to go out and buy food and drinks for iftar.

I would rather rely on bread dipped in hot plain tea if I have to. Hj Sanadi, my landlord, was generous and caring enough to provide a rice cooker, a stove and a gas cylinder on the eve of Ramadhan so that I could cook something.

Last weekend my wife bought me a non-stick pan and some plastic laddle and spatulas with it.

So for the last three evenings there I was preparing simple but just as equally nutritious if not delicious food for breakfast and syahur. Food like fish & chips, steamed white rice, canned beef, tuna and chicken curry and for drink I rely on my favourite guava juice.

Disliking any sort of sauce, fish & chips are consumed just like that, bland and tasteless, but that is what I like.

Heated canned food is kind of appetizing when taken in steaming hot.

With that kind of arrangement I know that I won't face much difficulty observing Ramadhan as usual.

It is a bit lonely though having to prepare, serve and eat alone! Anyone care to join me?


Martin Lee said...

I have been eating alone especially my dinner since I move in to Cukai about 1 year ago!

You will get used to it soon!

azahar said...

Oh you're a friend indeed. At least now I know that I'm not the only one alone.

So where is your family> They don't follow you in Kemaman?

Martin Lee said...

My family is in KL and I will go home every fortnightly after work Thursday like you!

The only difference is you travel only 2 hours while I have to double that to 4 hours to reach home!

Mr Imran said...

macam org bujang balik...

azahar said...

Mr Imran,

Orang bujang yg dah kahwin!