Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is beginning to be fun teaching animal anatomy

As of today it has been a month since I first taught anatomy this year to the second year students, both as a part-time and full time contract-basis lecturer.

What surprised me most is that I think I know more about anatomy now than when I was a DVM students even with the experienced anatomy lecturer, Dr Menon.

I guess it is the mental thing. Then, it was stressful just trying to remember all the latin words. But now, with all the working experience, especially in pathology, things seem not to be so greek to me.

Well, in reality I am a pathologist, not an anatomist. But I am an anatomic pathologist, so anatomy is nothing new to me.

I try as much as possible to integrate plain anatomy with histology, pathology and even some diseases. By this I hope students will appreciate more the subject that many think as being dry and dead.

I want my students to be appreciative of anatomy so that they can become excellent animal scientist later on.

The first anatomy test is looming in the horizon. It is set to be on the coming Wednesday. I hope the students are well prepared for the test and will do well in it.

On the 18th day as a full time Associate Professor I think I am now in the right gear to continue my second working life as an academician. I am sure I will be able to achieve what I have set my mind to do to fill whatever remaining years of my life in this world.

So here I come as a full-fledged academician trying my best to pass on knowledge and experience to our younger generation. To Allah I pray that all the knowledge gathered all these while remain in my mind and not lost to forgetfulness that comes with age.

Let me be useful to the students and society in general. There are still lots of things to do.


Martin Lee said...

I believe you are a valuable asset to the younger generations in this country with all your experience and vast knowledge in this field.

Just curious to know the current batch of students, how are they compared to your time in terms of attitude, learning capability etc. to pick up all these knowlege from you?

Wan Sharif said...

As a full-pledged reject teacher.. all I can say "Have fun"..

azahar said...


They depend too much on power point presentation by lecturers. In my time, lecturers just give their lectures - no notes.

They are lucky to have many lecturers who are blessed with vast experience and not only academic qualification.

They are very unlike us!

azahar said...

Wan Sharif,

Don't say that. Mind you I am never a reject teacher. UNISZA and UMK fought to get me. I plan my retirement so that I can teach and earns more with much less stress and meetings!

Anonymous said...

A bit of humility and less of self importance pays, especially during fasting month

azahar said...

Perceptions can and have been proved wrong so many times.

Martin Lee said...

To Anonymous - Wan Sharif and Dato Azahar were classmates and they know each other for years!

Wan Sharif said...

Dato Azahar was never a rejected teacher, I was.. my comment refers to me..a rejected teacher.. Thank you Lee for coming to our rescue.. SMS and called Dato to clarify earlier ..

Martin Lee said...

I was in the loop of the email and therefore I posted that just to clarify.

It is for the spirit of Hari Raya!

Had supper with Dato the other day and he is a very humble person!