Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I thought that it is Thursday today!

After the subuh prayer there I was busy packing dirty clothes into the small blue bag and collecting some still-clean-and-neatly-ironed shirts from the cupboard. I then casually put the bag on the front seat and hanged the shirts on the right back seat's hanger. I was all ready to rush home after office, that was at 4.00 pm.

Then something caught my eyes. It was a white A4 piece of paper tucked in at the chain-linked fence. I picked it up and read it. It was an invitation letter to iftar at the nearby surau. The date was Friday 27.

I quickly glanced at my newly bought Seiko and saw that it was 25, Wednesday.

Oh no, it was only Wednesday! I am supposed to go home on Thursday! I innnocently picked all the shirts and the bag and quickly brought them in again.

Wow! How did I mistaken today as Thursday? It is Wednesday man. I still have another day to go before driving back to Kemaman.


Martin Lee said...

Dato, I am sure you are eager to try your hands again on your new Mercedes that parked at home!

Or you miss your wife that much?

azahar said...

Well Lee I probably think the first reason pulls me harder.

Actually I just love my wife's cooking.