Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Italian food at Papadelli

A salute to Ramli, my brother in-law the owner of Chukai's latest and fanciest restaurant, Papadelli (I'm not sure about the spelling).

Actually he has two branches - one in KSB (more of an open cafe) and his second one is next to the Bomba on a shop lot facing the river.

You just wouldn't like to miss this one, believe me.

The service is akin to a 5-star hotel's restaurant but the price, much lower.

The ambience is what comfy is all about and it is just outright appetizing - bon appetite!

What I love there? You mean the food?

WEll first of all I love her grilled salmon. It is done to perfection and the salmon just melt on your tongue man.

Next is the BBQ spring chicken. It is superdelicious. Ask my son Syafiq if you don't believe me.

I love the sharkfin soup too. In fact everybody in the family love it.

Even the humble french fry is superb here.

I am not talking about the spaghetti and pasta yet.

The ala Ramli style fried rice is Amirul's favourite.

Well Lee, come over for dinner at Pappadelli.


Wan Sharif said...

A good tease for the Ramadhan. Look like a lot of good food there.. Not extremely please on the sharkfin thingy... That sharks need to be rid of their fins so that we can have the soup..
May drop by if the conservation thingy does not cloud my mind

Martin Lee said...

I will go and try one day and I think you are talking about the Bomba near Taman Cukai Utama and location behind the Bistro!

I had tried the western restaurant in KSB, just beside and form part of the park and I forgot the name of the shop, could be your brother-in-law's shop!

azahar said...

Wan Sharif,

I am more of a nature that you maybe. For a bowl of RM10 I don't think Ramli uses that much of shark fin. May be even the artificial one. I am not sure, I will check on it.

Think this as a promotion. Do drop by if you happen to pass Chukai.

azahar said...

Lee, Yes, you are right both times. Call me if you want to go there, that too if it is on weekends. In Ramadhan the one in KSB is closed.
He has Ramadhan buffet now in Taman Chukai Utama.

Anonymous said...


Martin Lee said...

Are you in time to come back from KT to Cukai that we could go to this restaurant on this Thursday night 19th August for dinner?

azahar said...


During fasting month I will be too full after breakfast to make another dinner worthwhile. May be supper is more suitable. I will have to check with Ramli first whether he opens that late at night during Ramadhan.

Call me first

Martin Lee said...

Okay I will call you!