Monday, August 16, 2010


Amalia told me that I tend to be more restless, uneasy and did things in a panicky sort of way of late and according to her this such was more pronounced after I bought the E200 Kompressor.

Well, she might be right in certain points.

Others will be driving such a car proudly. No, not me. I felt uneasy and almost too undeserving to finally own one and be driving it.

Well it was not cheap. I bought it not to show off or anything like that. I bought it just to fulfill one of the last of my childhood dream, that was to own a Mercedes!

It is kind of strange to see my childhood wish being fulfilled after my retirement. People might be wondering why.

To me it is sort of paying or is it rewarding me for all the trouble I have been through, from a child to a man of my age now. I have struggled you know to be where I was and also to bring up my family through thick and thin.

Come to think of it I think I deserve it. Let me spend the rest of my life driving one.

Recalling back all the years I was in the service, I think I have not done much to me personally as I have done to each and everyone in my family.

Just have a look at my wardrobe (I don't even have a good wardrobe). The number of shirts and trousers that I have can easily be counted using my fingers.

My father once said'" You have only a pair of working shoes? I have three when I was working."

Well of course I have to depart with lots of dough in getting it. But who can deny my wish?

We have been searching for used E200K for quite sometimes now. We have been to KL just looking around but found none.

Then one day as I was driving into Kuantan the coastal road, there it was. My wife first saw it and we decided to stop to have a look at it on our way home.

Stop we did and we fell in love with the car as soon as we laid eyes on it. It was Obsidian black and with one owner, a company director.

I called a friend and he promised to bring a JKR technician to scrutinize and test drive the car the next day/

The next day Syafiq and I arrived early at the car shop. They came and after checking the car physically, we test drove the car around town.

The technician told me that the engine was very good, especially the transmission system.

The price first quoted was steep, but after haggling we managed to reach at a price slightly cheaper than the others that we have seen.

The one in KL had a fabric seat, quite worn out as far as we could see. The engine too was not as well kept.

So we finally agree to buy the car. The bank too surprised us a lot. No guarantor was required as first mentioned. The process took a mere three days for final approval. It took Syafiq longer to get his scrambler approved!

For the time being the car sits in our garage waiting for me to come home on Thursday evening. It too is a weekend passenger car, just like me a weekend husband!


Martin Lee said...

You definitely deserve this E200K compressor! Enjoy it and be used to it just like your pair of shoes!

Just to check whether E200 is slightly under-powered? Maybe 230 will feel the umph better!

Wan Sharif said...

It is a good car.. when I used E230 somebody say I should use E240 (6 cylinder or V6)..
If you not aiming to emulate Michael Schumacher's style of driving in the grand will have little to complain..
The compressor will provide the required umph..

azahar said...


The road tax is surely a lot cheaper. In fact even cheaper than my Citra!

I will try to enjoy and use it as I have used my only pair of shoes ha ha

azahar said...

Wan Shariff,

I have considered before hand whether E230 or E200. I choose E200 for its 1800 cc compared to 2400 cc in the case of E230 or E240.

Some people are always like that. When we sell something they will say it is too cheap and when we buy something it is too expensive!