Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 things that I hate most today

Below are things, or human actions or inactions that I meet daily , that I hate most (not necessarily in order of importance):

1. Drivers that never put on on their headlights when it is still / already dark - I wonder why, may be they think that they will save power by doing that!

2. People who take too long a time at ATM doing whatever they are doing, oblivious to the long line of people waiting behind them.

3. Drivers who flash their high beam whenever they want to overtake other car. I'll normally voluntarily go to the left whenever I saw a high-powered cars looming behind me (out of respect perhaps), but will stay on the right if the car behind me is flashing!

4. Drivers who drive ever so slowly as if they have all the time in this world for himself and no one else is driving on the road or makan angin. I would not mind if the car is twenty years old...but a brand new Volvo 240S or other cars in the same class or better doing just that ?????

5. Smokers who proudly and arrogantly puffing away in public places blowing away polluting-smoke into my face and messing up places with cigarette butts and ashes!

6. Public outcry when price of chicken goes up by 50 sen a kilo, but silent as a graveyard when fish prices go up by leaps and bound.

7. Looking at people wrongly-dressed or overly-dressed, like wearing revealing dresses in religious occassions or wearing T-shirts in formal meetings or worst still wearing fancy dresses to night markets!

8. Being overly-charged for food that is under par in taste, presentation and slow in preparing.

9. Visitors who come visiting unannounced at very odd hours such as very late at nights, when I just arrived home from work.

10. Drivers or passengers wantonly throwing rubbish out of their cars onto the highways!


RoyalTLady said...

2. I never suffered or getting angry because I never owned any such accounts or cards. I only used cheques.

3. Whenever I drove alone, I rammed the accelerator and never let it overtake me...

4. If I drive slow, my daughter would ask me, WHY?

5. At one time, most of lady friends are smokers. SO, I was the only passive smoker!

6. Always go on the fish, but eat much less if its too expensive.

azahar said...

2. How lucky you are. I have to go there often...you know withdrawing or transferring money.

3. That I did too more often than not...my son always remind me that I'm no longer a 25-year old man whenever I manouvre curves without applying the brake, just to get away from the flashing car

5. Only Diyana is daring enough to sound such smokers...

6. Fish I like, but fish is expensive too...especially ikan bakar di Kemaman

Dee said...

No 9 - hehe why do i have the feeling i know who you're talking about.. i guess some people just dont know how to respect others.. claimed to all Islamic tapi tak tau adab visiting in Islam. sad..