Monday, March 30, 2009


It pleases me very much to see people of Chukai becoming more conscious of exercising. People of all ages come to the park to jog, brisk walk or do exercises on the open-air gymnasium.

My wife and I usually visit the park on Saturdays and Sundays for only on these two days that I am, sometimes, free.

We usually do brisk-walking - no more jogging for us two. I cannot jog because of my old knee injury. Alos, jogging is not good for my age, so they say.

We will normally brisk walk for 5-6 rounds (I am not sure exactly the distance, but I guess it suffice our exercise requirement).

I have made friends and rekindle old-friendship along the way. I have met Cikgu Aziz and Sergeant (retired) Ismail, both are in their seventies but they are still in good shape. Cikgu Azziz has a bad leg due to a fall, but Sgt Ismail, my father's colleague, looks as young if not younger than me.

Yesterday I met Hj Mohd, a distant relative of mine. He is my mother's nephew, twice removed (anak dua pupu). Actually his sister, a nurse, used to help me a lot when I was hospitalised for appendicitis in HKL way back in 1978. Sadly I did not know that she was a relative.

Zawiah, my cousin is also another frequent visitor of the park.

The brisk walking has done a lot as far as my physical fitness is concerned. I feel well afterwards.

What saddends me is to see couples walking leisurely in an attire unsuitable for exercise. The food stalls there also need some improvement, at least from the hygiene point of view. Bad odour emanating from clogged drains give a negative impression of the park.

I do hope MPK will do more to improve the scenario of the park. The jogging trail need improvement...there is still uneven surfaces that may hurt users.

Why not organise a free mass exercise programs like Tai Chee for pensioners and pensioner-to-be!

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