Thursday, March 19, 2009


The hunt for primary school ex-classmates slowly but surely brings in results.

At a snail-pace I found them one by one. Much to my surprise, they are well spread, many choose to reside in Klang valley.

Among the few I managed to get in contact are mainly ladies, still very pretty despite of their age. They are all very successful in their own way. Cikgu Yong will be proud to know that his pupils have made it in life.

Here is a list of them:

Aminah Nazifah - Petaling Jaya - a great mother

Tuan Sharipah Aminah - Successful business woman
& a great mother
- Kota Damansara

Rohani Mohd - Assistant Headmaster,
SK Binjai, Kemaman

Sakinan Choya - A staff nurse Hospital

Shamsiah Abu Bakar - On holiday in Kemaman
Works in Nursing school in

Dato' Azam - A successful corporate man
Residing in Klang Valley

Wan Esah Harun - A RISDA officer in KL

Azizah Harun - A medical doctor in KL

Abu Bakar Kassim - A land surveyor in KT

Wan Azlan - A banker in KL

Ahmad Zaidan - A physiotherapist in USM KB

Zakaria Osman - Works in Klang Valley

Though I still have not met some of them in person, at least I have talked to them over the phone and know where they are. It will be good if a reunion and a visit to our alma mater, SK Pusat can be organized in the near future.


RoyalTLady said...


Ya indeed your crusade has shown some fruits. BUT correction! You have never spoken to me yet... but you are my blog's regular visitor.

Wan Esah - Pengarah RISDA training center

Shamsiah - Works in nursing school at one of the Universities in Musekt, Oman

Wan Azlan is now a business man (WEH updated me last night)

azahar said...

Really? I thought we have talked over the phone a few times. Well, we have almost met once...may be I will try to meet you in person when I am in Putrajaya.