Thursday, March 5, 2009


We arrived at Juanda Airports, Surabaya at 12.40 Malaysian time or 11.40 am Indonesian time. Both Immigration and Custom procedures were brief and fast.

The karyawan (officer) at the immigration counter even had time to smile and ask whether I came to play golf (pronounced as golef).

We were greeted by Mr Kamto and Mr Haris representative from Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Johor (PPNJ) tourism.

According to Pak Haris, the name Surabaya was really Suroboyo, meaning suro- fish and boyo - of course crocodile. Myths have it that long ago there was a big fight between a shark and two crocodiles.

From the airports, we were driven in a bus for lunch. Lunch was not to our taste. It consisted of grilled gourami (kalui) and fried spring chicken.

Then Dato' Manaf suggested to Pak Haris that we should have Nasi Padang for lunch and dinner.

A little Java Geography (from Pak Haris): Java island is divided into three regions - Jawa Timur (Jatim), Jawa Tengah (Jateng) and Jawa Barat (Jabar). Surabaya is the capital of Jatim; Semarang for Jateng and Jakarta for Jabar.

On the way to Malang we stopped at Tanggulangin town - a craft home industry. A banner welcoming our Minister of Agriculture visit was still proudly up there in front of the centre.

At first we all thought that we just stop for a quick see, but as usual with us Malaysian, the see visit soon turned into a frantic buying spree. All leather bags, belts and purses were quickly bought by almost all of us. be continued

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