Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's strange and mind-boggling how suddenly, in this new millenium, ghosts, djinns, susuk, hantu pocong, mass hysteria and what-nots become the talk of town - a hot topic indeed.

I thought in this new era of ICT and globalization people move away from superstitions and creatures of the dark.

Come on man, we are no more in the sixties, where those things are a part of life.

I had a personal experience in this matter where my brother was possessed by not one but three pelesit or hantu raya when he was still a toddler. He was inflicted with a disease (or was it a disease really?) that defied logic. His head could turn backwards and was in comatose state most of the time. The symptoms strangely disappeared when he was in the hospital. But medical tests prove nothing.

It took Pok We, the late bomoh, a few years to bring him back to normal. In between, I saw many episodes of people going into trance and telling why he was sick. Pok We told us that there were three outsiders in my brother's body.

But that was in 1965! Bukit Kuang was still without electricity.

Now in the new millenium, we hear of students experiencing mass hysteria in a school in Tg Lumpur, Pahang. Why? It was said that the piling works had killed a resident djinn! Hard to believe right, but ask those students, they willl tell you their experience.

A highway near Gua Tempurung - there were far too many road accidents there. A group of djinns had to be relocated from there by, believe it or not, bus to Lumut. The driver narrated to me how he felt the invisible passengers boarding and disembarking the bus!

Five hantu pocong like figures floating in the river caused TV3 to produce a special report on that.

There are teams investigating the ghosts featured on tv.

Tales of ladies facing the wrath of their susuk when they get old and tries to remove it, but difficult as their bomoh is already dead.

Then there was this story of people coughing blood and dying after consuming santau-contaminated food in Perak. Many restaurants had to be closed because of that. Strangely KFC joints were spared!

Stop fooling around. Start believing in God and do what He ask us to do and refrain from doing what he forbid us to do...then things will be ok.

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