Friday, March 27, 2009


Hating other people's success and wanting to see him/her destroyed is the attitude owned by some of us. To these people, it is better that no one else gains as long as their target of seeing somebody else failed or destroyed.

There is no such thing as win-win situation for these people. Let others lose, that's their goal. It is ok if they gain nothing from it.

Examples are many, nut here are some of my personal experience for us to share:

'A' is an excellent cook. He rented a shop and opened up a restaurant. In no time his restaurant was always full of clients wanting to taste his delicious tom-yam.

Suddenly, without warning the land-owner changed his mind. He wanted to use the land. 'A' has to stop operation and went searching for another location. 'A' did not find another spot as good as his last restaurant.

Months has passed, but the land remained vacant. All the land-owner wanted was to see 'A' failed. That he was successful.

Second case:

A piece of grazing reserve remained as it had been for years - not optimally utilized (a diplomatic way of saying secondary bushes have overtaken whatever remained of the animal rearing activities).

When an entrepreneur (especially from outside) was allowed to develop that piece of land with a viable livestock project, suddenly, out of the blues there will be protests from all quarters. Suddenly there are so many livestock farmers springing from no where!

The poor entrepreneur then gave up his idea and the land returned to the protesters....years passed but the land remained as it was...overgrown with bushes!

Third example:

The worst case: 'A' likes 'B' but 'B' rejected A's proposal of marriage as she had another man in mind. 'A' in great frustration vowed that if he could not get 'B' then nobody else could get her.

'A' then used black magic to make 'B' looked unattractive or prevent her from being asked for by no one else. Sadly, 'B' remained single till now.

Fourth example: (strange but true)

A shop next door was making more business and money than theirs. Instead of improving their services and quality of products to remain competitive, they used a bomoh to do something to their neighbour.
Normally clients would stop going to their neighbour's shop because they could not see the shop (invisible to the clients)!

Or I have seen cases where very bad odour emanating from the neighbour's shop and the odour is detectable only to the clients.

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