Thursday, March 19, 2009


Personal Safety is something still not taken seriously by the majority of Malaysians.

We still take things for granted when come to our own or our family members' safety.

We have to take pro-active steps to safe-guard ourselves and our family members every minute we are outside.

Do not depend on others, not even the police in as far as safety is concerned.

Teach our children these three basic things:

1. Do not talk to strangers
2. Do not take things from strangers
3. Do not get near or into a stranger's car

UNLESS in the presence of their parents or trustworthy known adults (I stress the word trustworthy)

NOTES at Parking areas:

1. Select parking areas that are well-lighted and not very isolated

2. Never park in areas you see 'suspicious characters' around

3. After doing your things and before you go back to your car - make sure there are no 'suspicious characters' in and around your car. Be sure!

4. Get security guards to escort you if you're unsure or scared

5. Get you car key ready in your hand (not in your purse somewhere)

6. Open the door and get in as fast as possible (applying make-up, combing your hair can be done later) and straight away lock the doors.


When at home, be sure to lock all your doors everytime!

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