Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bleeding Piles

Here it came again. The hotel's food, the extra spicy mutton soup, etc ignited intense stomach pain, gas accumulation and you knew what after that. I was forced to visit the toilets a few times within half-an-hour.

Blood sprayed out in continuous stream for at least fifteen minutes wetting and reddening the toilet bowl. It won't stop coming out. I guessed I had ruptured an arteriole. The stream of blood was just too fast for a venule or a capillary.

Thinking that it had finally stopped, I put on my sarong and walked down the hall to watch tv. As usual I had to lie belly down down in front of the tv set with a pillow on my chest. The stomach pain was still there.

Then I felt warm fluid running down my thighs and legs. I looked down and saw blood everywhere - on the marble floor, on the newly-bought cheap carpet and on my sarong.

The bleeding had not stopped! I rushed to the toilet. Blood was still gushing out of my ruptured piles. I had to sit still while watching blood drops dripping and decorationg the toilet bowl red.

I then put on my kleenex-padded underwear and walked ever gently to the hall. Blood was still leaking.

Getting extra-large pads was the next thing to do. Putting it on I then called it a night and dozed off. I hoped that the bleeding would stop by tomorrow. Or else, the opening of the State Assembly would go without me.

Luckily the bleeding stopped. Just to be safe, I still put on the kleenex-padded under wear to the Assembly Hall!

I looked great in the number one dress with all my awards nicely pinned on it.

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azahar said...

The bleeding continued this morning. Strangely, it did so almost on its own. Luckily there were still reserve Kleenex around ha ha!

To you Doctors around, should I go for hemorrhoidectomy? I have been reluctant all these while to have my backside examined (except for that one ocassion where they tied a piece of my pile!).