Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Albatross chicks died with stomach full of plastic beads, fishing lines, plastic bags and even plastic lighters!

Can you imagine how frustrated it is for the chicks when their mothers bring back plastics instead of fish? In the ocean, plastics look just like fish!

Oceanographers were startled when their sieve nets (normally used for studying planktons) captured plastics instead of planktons.

Our oceans are turning into a huge bowl of plastic soup!

Polymers of plastics are not bio-degradable. Where do these plastics come from? Not from the sky I presume. Humans (selfish and irresponsible at that) are the real culprits.

These people practise : "Out of sight out of mind for plastics". They throw plastic wastes into oceans when people are not watching!

One of the toxic chemicals from plastics is Bisphenol A. In oceans they act as estrogen, causing endocrine disturbances in aquatic animals.

A word of caution: Clear baby bottle also releases Bisphenol A when it is used to store water for 24 hours. In fact, plastic fluid containers should never be reused for storing water...I have to stop this at once, for it has been our common practice to do that with empty fruit juice bottles!

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