Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Do you know that one of the earliest disposable item to be sold was our razor blade? At that time it was laughable when someone buy something that was thrown out after a short usage.

Before the introduction of disposable razor blade, men and women were using knives, swords or even an axe (as in the case of the shaving of the boy who saved Singapore from the attack of Todak).

Engineers worked extra hard to come up with something practical and profitable. Producing thin metals in bulk was no easy feat.

Finally a disposable razor blade came into being. Then the rest was history and most of us who shaves takes thing for granted, changing blades all the time without realizing how two razor balde giants - Gilette and Schick were and still are fighting over them.

Both companies have shaving labs and call volunteers to come in and shave in their own way. Hidden cameras were there to record all the details of the shaving process. Some used only a few continuous strokes while others used so many short strokes.

First there was the single blade razor...then came the twin blade, threee blades, four blades and the latest is the five blade version.

Though electric shaving machine has been introduced in the market, men and women still prefer the razor blades to shave off either their facial hairs or hairs from other parts of the body!

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