Saturday, April 18, 2009


She has completed her Law Degree! I can feel how relieved and jubilated she must feel now.

Last night her class celebrated their graduation dinner at Prince Hotel. S. Muhd Alwi CEO of FIDAF graciously accepted to be their main sponsor and after a gruelling Melbourne-KL-Kuantan travel still made it to the dinner.

Fate has it that she was just like her dad in as far as tertiary education was concerned. Imagine having to undergo a Diploma course not to her liking (but she still did very well - attaining Dean's list every semester!).

She spent 2.5 years doing her Diploma and 4 years for her degree = 6.5 years.

Compared to her dad, I had to undergo 2 years in Form six, 1 year in first year Diploma fishery and 5 years doing DVM = 8 years.

Thanks God she is on her way to achieve her dreams. Congratulation Diyana, you make us, parents and siblings alike, very proud.

Be patient, knowing you, we're very sure soon you'll be employed. In the mean time, please enjoy and make full use of your free time.


Karim Omar said...


azahar said...

It is that feeling, special kind of feeling...anak sulung lah katakan.

Seperti juga apa yg dirasakan oleh ibu bapa saya ketika saya (juga anak sulung) bergraduat dulu jugaklah agaknya.

Terima kasih

RoyalTLady said...

Tahniah Diyana, Datuk and Datin... you must be proud parents of the year...

Alhamdulillah , mine was few years ago... when Tasha grad.from UM and now working in UH. Then Zaza grad from AAPIIT and now a consultant in project management...

azahar said...

She is now baby-sitting her three girl cousins in Seberang Takir - their mom gone for a training.

She is very eager to start working. I told her her to be patient - she did not even has her final results yet!

azahar said...

Despite saying that she was just looking forward to graduation, she did very well in her final exam. In fact, she was again on the Dean's list!