Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After a lapse of about five years, finally the Recreation Centre and Mini Zoo Kemaman was officially opened by YAB Menteri Besar Terengganu on 11 April 2009.

I gate-crashed the function - I felt that I just had to be there to share the moment that our future generations may thank us for the Mini Zoo.

According to MB the mini zoo was actually the biggest zoo in Malaysia, in term of size...about 160 plus hectares...bigger than Zoo Melaka, Zoo Taiping or even Zoo Negara.

As for the number of animal exhibits, well it was just beginning. It still had a long way to go in term of animal species. I have to fore-warn MPK that it should take care that all animals brought in should be done so in the correct way. Do not repeat what had happened in the case od Zoo Negara's chimpanzees!

Though I still do not have the time to walk around the entire zoo's compound, I cannot but say that I was awed at their planning. I love their attitude of not disturbing mother nature too much. Their well-planned canopy walkways for sure will attract many.

During the opening ceremony MB did touch a lot about the history of the site, Kg Bukit Takal. It was where my late uncle was killed by tigers, that was way back in the fifties or was it late forties?


Admin said...

Semoga produk pelancongan Terengganu yang terbaru ini akan menjadi tarikan pelancongan ke Terengganu amnya, dan Kemaman khasnya.http://mini-zoo-kemaman.blogspot.com/

azahar said...

Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi blog saya. Saya memang amat meminati alam semulajadi ciptaan Allah.

Sebagai salah satu cara mengajak lebih ramai pengunjung ke mini zoo Kemaman, khasnya joggers dan bisk-walkers seperti saya, adalah elok sekiranya diwujudkan satu pass masuk dengan harga diskaun kepada pengunjung seperti ini. Ini ialah kerana suasana di zoo Kemaman adalah amat sesuai dan kondusif untuk bersukan dan untuk membayar dgn kadar biasa setiap hari sudah tentu akan membebankan.

Sharifah Aminah said...

Tak sabar rasa nya nak pergi ke zoo kemaman.

azahar said...

Gi jangang dok gi...rugi kalu dok gi...
Kalu kita orang Kemamang dok sokong zoo kita, sape lagi nok sokong?

Martin Lee said...


I was there last Friday, there was supposed to be sangkar harimau, no harimau there!

I found the collection of various species of burung Kuang interesting! I enjoyed watching them all.

In Kemaman, the Bukit Kuang near the marine police base was actually full of burung Kuang? I wonder whether for this reason it was named.

Understand that Trengganu is supposed to be having the most tigers. Where are they now? I mean their likely habitat.