Monday, April 13, 2009


Last Saturday, that was 11 April, my wife and I went to the official opening of Kemaman's Recreation and Mini Zoo, Bukit Takal by YAB Menteri Besar Terengganu.

I will tell more about the mini zoo in another entry, may be later. For now what I want to tell was what happened after the ceremony.

After an invigorating canopy walk in the mini zoo, we decide to have lunch at the famous chicken rice joint in Kg mak Chili.

We ordered four chicken rice - one for me to be eaten there, and three for take-away. The rice was delicious.

A newly wed couple, with still fresh hennaed fingers, sat next to our table. Once in a while she glanced at me, perhaps she recognised me frrom somewhere.

Then came a family. They pulled out tables to seat their family members. Then I heard the mother calling a family member's name - Aiman.

Aiman? Is she my blogger friend? I looked at the children's faces - yes, they looked familiar.

We left the chicken rice shop with the question still hanging unanswered.

Next morning Kak Moon sent me an sms asking me whether I was going for my brisk walk. I said no as I was going for health screening in Hospital Kemaman.

I asked her whether Aiman's family had dropped by her house yesterday. She said yes.

Then it was true what we had thought. It was indeed Aiman Amani and her family at the chicken food joint yesterday!

Aiman, if you read this entry, please accept my apology for not 'tegur'ing you. I knew it was you, but I was afraid that it was another Aiman. Please forgive me.

The moral of the story: When you think you have met someone you know, tegur je...or otherwise you will regret it later


Karim Omar said...

laaa ... bak pe dok tegor?

Tiap kali kita lalu Kemamang - your name (besides Kak Moon) memang selalu disebut ...

Aiman Amani said...

Dear Uncle Azahar,

We're going to the restaurant again tomorrow. Perhaps you can join us for an early lunch... maybe around 12 o'clock? Or maybe you would suggest a better place for us?

RoyalTLady said...

Eiiiiiiii, seronoknya you all dah jumpe!!!!!!!!!

Aiman tido rumah Aunty MOoN KE?

Anih kan? Datuk was my classmate in Std 6. Aiman is my anak buah... BUT we have never met in person...

But we often meet virtually in cyberspace...

Aiman Amani said...

By the way, Uncle can call us at this number > 019-319-9788

azahar said...

Bro. Karim,

Tu la..nok tegor takuk saloh orang...maklumlah dok pernoh jumpa..

Hari Ahad baru ni Kak Moon sms nok jumpa di Taman MPK...hari tu saya dok gi brisk-walking kerana gi hospital..jadi Kak Moon jumpa la isteri saya...cakap punya cakap rupa-rupanya Kak Moon memang rapat dgn mok sedara dan arawah tok ki isteri saya...

It is indeed a small world..


Maaf, pagi ni baru uncle baca entry Aiman...di rumoh tak ada internet...jadi kena blogging di pejabat saja lah...


Jumpa secara tak langsung je..tapi at least saya kenal doh mereka kalau jumpa lagi lain kali..