Friday, May 22, 2009


Have you ever wondered where are the girl or girls or even boy or boys that you had fallen head over heal (puppy love that was) with now?

Don't tell me that you did not have any! Even a shy boy like me did have a few girls that I especially liked over the years.

Standard one and two escaped me. I did not remember any of my classmates except Sheikh Raziff in standard one.

It was in standard three that girls came into my life. It was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Gajah, Perak. First it was Mardhiah (I am not sure about the right spelling). She and I always ended up in either the first or second place in the class.

It was in a game called 'police sentry' that I began to have a crush with her. The game involved boys and girls where one team chasing the other, and almost always it ended up with me chasing her.

Holding a girl by her waist was something else then! There was nothing sinister about the act then, but still the feeling was there.

The second girl was Hasnani bt Saad, the daughter of my father's colleague at Balai Polis Kampung Gajah. We two always walked together to school and back, sometimes sharing tapioca crackers with chilli sauce with the slow meandering Perak river as our witness.

My late brother, knowing of our close relationship, used to tease me by asking who was my special girlfriend, was it Hasnani or Mardhiah.

I never answered him for I was unsure whom to choose between them two!

Sadly we departed and never again meet one another till now.

I remember contacting friends in STF and TKC looking for them. They were not there.

If anyone of you out there who knows their whereabouts or knows someone who knows their whereabouts, please let me know. I just would like to meet them, not to rekindle our puppy love, but just to say hello and exchange childhood stories.

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