Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Three Cousins

The three of them, Diyana, Shapawi and Nor were born just a week apart some twenty five years ago.

They are cousins, the three of them. Diyana, of course is ours; Shapawi is my wife's brother's second son and Nor my wife's another brother's third daughter (she was a TKCian)

Still remember how my late mother-in-law had to travel between our houses (ours in KT, Shapawi near Air Putih and Nor in Kg Gong Limau) to look after them and their mothers just after they were born.

Don't know just why,but only Diyana and Shapawi are close, even from when they were still toddlers.

Time travels fast. They were all adults now. Diyana has just graduated with a law degree from IIUM and is going for an interview with SC the end of this month, Shapawi is now working after getting his diploma and Nor is now a chemical engineer with PETRONAS.

Shapawi beat his two cousins in as far as getting married is concerned. He and Maimunah@Yati were just married 8 May 2009.

For the hantaran (wedding gifts) he specially begged my wife to prepare. He knew well his aunt's prowess in decorating wedding gifts.

Nor was the second among them. She was engaged to an aeronautical engineer from Malacca a week's earlier.

Well, ours is still single.


Anonymous said...

Gee Abah, you dont have to end this entry with such a statement :(

azahar said...

Well, I am sure your time will fear