Monday, May 11, 2009

A Picture of School Chums

The first thing that caught my attention today was a rolled-up picture. It was a memento from Class 72 SDAR Reunion 55 in Perlis.

Sadly, like in PD, I missed it. In both cases it was my bleeding piles that prevented me from reuniting with sleeping-eating-and-playing-together school chums.

Most of them looked old (as if I am not!) physically - either greying hair, greying eyebrows, beard and moustaches. Ismail Shamsuddin (our iron-man) looked much older than the last time we met.

Razak, Ramli Musa and Zainul Harun all sported a prominent helipad (Hack forehead). Sheikh Raziff (my standard one classmate) looked old besides Hamidin who looked as young as forever.

The youngest (in appearance) was of course our Orang Bulan (Wan Shariff). His youth was understandble....

Me? Well I'm still as slim as those, beard, moustaches and even hairbrows and chest hair are all greying....

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