Wednesday, May 20, 2009


He is continuously being tested with illnesses, one after another. He takes it as his pre-destined fate without any qualms or feeling of regrets or 'why me?' attitude.

First it was his heart. He had to undergo a by-pass operation. I was there with him after the surgery.

Then he lost his sight due to bilateral retinal detachment. He is now blind.

Then he lost his hearing and could only barely hear what you say with the help of hearing aid.

Both of his kidneys have problems and now he is on peritoneal dialysis machine.

He still continue working as a lecturer in Medical faculty USM Kota Bharu.

Now his left leg has to be amputated because of it being gangrenous.

He was on his wheelchair when we visited him.

"Who's this?" He asked as he grabbed hold of my hand.


"Oh it's you Azahar..."He sounded jovial despite his physical handicap.

That is Dr Abdul Manaf Hamid, a man a very patient man. In fact he is the pinnacle, panacea of human patience and endurance towards tests of Allah.

During our meeting he never for once complain or talk about his sufferings.

Moon, his wife, told us that he still supervises post-graduate students.

He looked very frail and tired.

To Allah we pray that he continues to be positive towrds life.

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