Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini Reunion In Kota Bharu

"I am coming to KB from 16-19 May for a meeting. Kindly arrange for a 'teh-tarik' session with friends in KB" - a very simple sms to Ismail Ahmad.

"God willing it will be done" - equally simple answer from Ismail.

I arrived at Renaissance Hotel KB at around four. The lobby was thronged with DVS officers from all over Malaysia.

I went straight up to room 1911 and lay on the cosy bed - rest. Called my wife describing the special room. She regretted for not joining me.

Sabri aka Walang called. He was coming for a meeting with SEDC people. I told him that I would be free during the night, after bowling that was.

While enjoying my bowling at KB Mall lanes, the two of them came. I glanced at them and recognised immediately both of them - Sabri and Hamzah aka Mejoh Pok Badul. Both remained petite as before, but like me, grey hairs were prominent in the case of Mejoh.

They pulled me away for a midnight drink at a Mamak Spicy Restaurant nearby. We talked and talked and continued talking till it was already past 1.30 am and finishing three glasses of fruit juice each.

I had not met Hamzah since we departed after our LCE, that was in 1970 - 39 years ago. He did not make it, but struggled he did and finally he reached the Headmaster's post.

Mejoh then called Wan Yusuf Wan Yaakob to join in. He came late but came he did. When we called it a night, he brought me first to his house. It was already near two then.

He told me what had happened to him after leaving SDAR, right from his marriage and to his profession. Surprising me he told that Suhaimi Salleh aka Pok Yeh (my junior) married his sister.

I reached my room at 2.30 in the morning and dozed off soon after.

The following night, Abu Hassan, Ismail, Rasid and me went to see Dr Abdul Manaf. He was very happy to meet us, especially Abu and me. Maimun or just Moon, was like usual very friendly.

Please read my entry 'Patience beyond compare' for Dr Manaf's story.

On the way home, I dropped by at Hospital Besut, Jerteh to meet Ripin, my best friend in SDAR.

We have not met for quite some times, may be thirty years. He was still small as before. His spectacles seemed to me badly in need of upgrading. He was as talkative as ever, introducing me as the animal doctor to everyone he met on our way to the ward.

His father, Che Salleh was sick, very sick. He gave me a small smile as I introduced myself and shook his hand. Still remember how he went around Kampung Lampu searching for all the ingredients needed for my floral bath when I was at their house after returning from the hospital. Ripin's mother gave me an invigorating floral bath that morning!

I left Jerteh feeling happy for the mini reunion. I hope our comradeship will remain as strong in years to come.

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