Monday, May 11, 2009


Mothers deserve more than just a Mother's day.

A day is grossly insufficient for ones who brought us into this world, nursed us all through our infancy, taught us, love/d and care/d for us as long as they live.

It would not be an exaggeration if we devote everyday of our lives as Mother's day.

So too are our fathers. They are rarely appreciated as mothers are.

They are normally the unsung heroes, remembered mostly when they were gone.

A story from our Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) time: A son met Prophet Muhammad and complain about his father who was fond of taking home things.

On hearing that Prophet Muhammad went to see the father and asked him why. He then explained his reason. Tears flowed down Prophet Muhammad's cheeks.

He then called the son and said: "You and all your properties are your father's".

It is true what our elders said that a mother and a father could take good care of nine children, but nine children most often fail to give the same to their mother and father!

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