Monday, May 4, 2009

Save our Rivers

Karam Singh Walia (KSW) , the mere mention of his name brings shivers to many, particularly government servants.

His latest attack is his report on the so-called 'the rape of Cameron Highland's rivers'.

For the past few days (both in the morning and prime time news), he was on air on TV3 highlighting the blatant discharge of human wastes direct into Cameron Highland rivers.

His clever use of food colouring (poured into toilets) proved beyond doubt that the malpractice of directing human wastes direct into river system is happening, right under our eyes.

It was nauseating, to say the least, seeing human faeces floating and rolling from toilets through pipes into rivers.

If only rivers could talk...for sure they would say " Look at human, they don't even know how to manage their own wastes!"

More nauseating was that all these happened up stream the water processing plants!

He also brought to light the fate of hills being wantonly bulldozed making way for modern commercial vegetable farming.

It was just sheer madness how far a few people, in their chase for money, would go to see that their goal was reached.

I don't know whether I agree fully with what he has been doing. May be he should be more diplomatic in his use of modus operandi. But again, may be he has exhausted all the possible avenues and he has again and again found out that his method is the best, in as far as getting the attention and action of the relevant authorities.

By the way, I was made to understand that he was once a member of my department - DVS.

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