Monday, May 3, 2010


We planned for a small reception, involving mostly siblings, relatives and close friends. We ordered food just for 60.

When they came, they really came. My wife's eldest brother, or Ayoh Long to us all, came all the way from Bandar Pusat Jengka with his wife, Kak Ton, his daughter, Rini, his son Firdaus and his fiance, Ayu in his brand new white Alza.

Then there were our usual guests, Che Soh and his family plus their latest grandson, Shapawi's first son; Cik Ani and her three daughters, Kak Long, Kak na and the ever smiling baby all the way from Seberang Takir.

Cik Ana, her husband Apandi and their two sons were there too.

Jamaliah, my wife's cousin, and her husband and mother, Mok Su Rendang came too. Mok Su Rendang was perplexed when I told her that somehow, in a round-about way we were related...too long and winded to tell here. Somehow too, Shamsiah Abu Bakar, my standard six classmate was in there too.

Pok man and his big family, De and Siti Mahfuzah and Sutie and family were also present.

All in all the house was full of people. sadly, our son, Syazwan was missing. He could not make it, or rather I advised him not to come back as he has got the exams to handle.

Our mango tree suddenly became the centre of attraction to many, especially the ladies. The mangoes were just too enticing to let go. Many of them went home with plastic bags full of mangoes.

Cik Ani prepared a very special sambal belacan using the mangoes. It was a hit with many of the guests.

When it was over, my wife and I discussed what had happened during the last weekends. She felt that the reception was somewhat blessed by Allah as it was enough for all even though at first we were afraid that it would not.

Even Kamal's in-laws and relatives, who at first did not want to come, came and were seen smiling as they were enjoying the food and knowing that we were not strangers.

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