Monday, May 31, 2010


It is just fascinating how our teenagers communicate and get in touch with with each other nowadays.

It was unimaginable that getting in touch with one another was that simple when I grew up. More so when I had to lead a nomadic life during my ealy years, that was from 1961-1965. Imagine, I had to go to six different primary schools in three different states during that period.

The result? I have lost contact with most of my primary school classmates.
But that was not the case with my children. They are still in contact with their primary one friends even when they finish university!

Reunion is just within a click away for them. But not for me, I have to search high and low for friends and so far found only a handful of them around.

When I was in the secondary school, I subscribed to an International Youth Club and because of that I had pen-pals from thirteen different countries!
But I soon found out that writing to everyone was not only a chore but outright expensive.

Soon I stopped writing to any of them, a fact that I regretted very much. Just imagine if there were such things as Internet, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster then? Our friendship would for sure continue till now.

Recalling back to the list of pen pals that I had, there was this girl from Italy that I particularly liked. She was one Ariella Tritremmel. I wonder how she looks right now.

Then there was this Hermia Pong from Hong Kong. She was really looking forward to come to Malaysia then.

The funiest of them was a girl from Sri Langka, a Muslim. She insisted that I did not write my name on the envelope. Why? Her father would for sure confiscated my letter if he knew that a boy wrote to her daughter!

Coming back to the present world, all my children, they have their own facebook and they are in constant communication with each other and they even have their own circle of friends in the cyber world.

Diyana is still communicating with her standard two friends!


Wan Sharif said...

Careful here..
I believed there are pros and cons.. some used them for good purpose and others used it for some other purpose.. my son has not stopped complaining about FB.. he said the owner do not want to delete those sites harmful to Muslims..
What to expect the owner is a J...

azahar said...

We can't stop people from writing anything. We have to stengthen our IMAN and stop browsing all those garbage sites...

Internet opens us to the wide world, god, bad and those in the middle...

There is no more necessity to buy books in fact...most journals are available on-line, with a fee of course...