Monday, May 3, 2010


The lower Congo River is very treacherous because of its huge rapids with waves so big and rapids so fast that not many kayakers have made across it safely.

The rapids and the fast-flowing current make that part of the river a natural boundary for many types of fishes that live below and above it.

Only the mighty Tiger fish have been known to have the ability to swim across that part of the river where hydrologists have found out that there are canyons in the river bed beneath. Some parts have been measure to be around 750 feet deep making Congo river as the deepest river in the world.

A type of Tiger fish, called Goliath Tiger fish, is a force to reckon with in this water. It has triangular sharp teeth that will make our kitchen knives look just like toothpicks.

They are also equipped with muscles and caudal fins so formed to resist being swept aside by the swift current.

They have been reported to reach sizes up to six feet in length and 400 kg in weight!

I wonder what is its taste like.

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