Thursday, May 20, 2010

Syafiq is recuperating from ILI. The fever, the general malaise and the dyspnoea are gone but the coughing persists. He was scared when he first contracted the disease.

He texted me: "Is ILI fatal? What is ILI dad?"

I told him that it was Influenza Like Illness. His blood tests showed that he was H1N1 negative. Thanks Allah for that. His mom is planning to prepare yellow glutionous rice for that!

Diyana is complaining of sore throat and nausea. At the clinic the doctor said that she was under great stress and strain. Well, may be it was her works, especially her boss.

Syazwan is still in Perak, undergoing centralized training for the coming SUKMA in Malacca. This time around he will be playing for Perak, instead of Pahang.

He lacerated his eyelid in a rugby brawl. It did not require stithches though.

We are ok in our house. I still have that bowel problem though. The gas, the frequent evacuation and of course the hemorrhoids.

In a week's time our house will once again be busy with siblings and relatives who will congregate for Kamal's weddibng reception in his in-laws' house.

In 17 days I will start my long pre-retirement leave. Aziz told me verbally that I got the post, but asked me to wait for the offer letter.

As usual, I am not good at keeping secrets. I soon divulged this supposed-to-be secret to all.

Syazwan said that soon my name will be longer. Syafiq and Diyana congratulated me for my success in securing the job.

Today Mokhtar called asking me of my plan after retirement. He told me that he will be joining UMK this 1 June.

Well, what about me? UDM or UMK? Most probably I will optr for UDM but Azam will surely hate me for this.

Sorry, at this point of time, I will choose the job that is easy for me and does not caues too much stress and strain.

So I choose Universiti Darul Iman!

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