Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Strangely they come almost at the same time. I mean the Football World Cup in South Africa, The Malacca 2010 SUKMA and of course my Pre-retirement long leave.

All the events above have its own significance in my life. World cup football, oh everybody just love and can't wait to see all those great goals and poetry in motion with great players like Messi, Ronaldinho and many more!

SUKMA, ah my boy Syazwan will be playing rugby for the second SUKMA. This time he will be playing for Perak instead of Pahang.

And my pre-retirement long leave will start on the 16 June.

The countdown for the three major events have long started. Just cannot wait to see my boy in action, football players playing their best to make sure their country wins and of course to take a break after the long 29 years plus service in DVS!

To Allah I pray that I am blessed with good health, physically and mentally and spiritually too to prepare for the third phase of my life - the golden era (Warga Emas age!)


Wan Sharif said...

But in some cases, warga Emas is >60 years young..

RoyalTLady said...


Just be prepared! You might even be busier than ever before... your expertise, your book writing...lecturing... just to name a few!

Anonymous said...

Selamat Bersara .Terima Kasih atas tunujuk ajar dan bimbingan selama saya berkhidmat dibawah dato'. Hanya ALLAH jua yang dapat membalasnya. Dari Nik Nasir Bin Nik Husain- KTS Raub

Anonymous said...

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azahar said...


I think so too. But doing what I love and getting paid for it...well, I just can't wait...

Martin Lee said...

American retiring age is 65 young! Malaysia will miss out a lot of talented and experienced people. I think Singapore is in the process of raising that to the American standard.

Whether 55 or 65 is very much individual. It is a threshold for us to consider whether we want to do our own things we like to do or further extend our service to an organization. This 55 or 56 young reminder afterall is not a bad thing for us to ponder what we want to do with our own life thereafter!

azahar said...


Not everybody can continue beyond 58 as it is now in the government service. Some can and many more just cannot, but they still continue because of the financial consraints.

Do not compare with the Americans...there they pay incentives for those who retire early and in some states they cannot force people to retire!