Thursday, May 20, 2010


I arrived in KT at around 12.15, just in time for the famous Yunan Chicken rice in Batu Buruk.

After the delicious chicken rice and Zuhur prayers at the nearby mosque off we went to UDM. We were surprised when one of the guards led us to s pecial parking place in front of the chancellory.

I was early. It was only 1.40. The interview was at 2.30 instead of 2.00 as I was told. There were four names on the list. One of them I knew. He was from IBVK Jerantut.

I was the first to be interviewed. It was more of a get-to-know session rather than a real interview. It went smoothly and from the look of things I got it.

Happy with the interview I called Yusof Nong and Jalil Md Zin for a th-tarik session somewhere.

Only Yusof Nong replied. We met at a food joint in Batu Burok. We have not met since 1972! He brought along his only and one daughter, She was so shy that I failed to get her to talk.

As we parted he gave Ramli Musa a call. So Ramli and I met over in Restoran Lempeng for its famous lempeng nyor.

Ramli was now the Principal of SMK Merchang. He reminded me of the time when I was the judge of a science competition many many years ago. His school won a place then.

I reached home very happy and slept peacefully throughout the night.


Wan Sharif said...

This entry looks as if it is for your secondary schoolmates only..
Anyway thank for the update.. nice to know that you will be in KT if you choose to work in UDM.. But where exactly in Kuala Trengganu is UDM?

azahar said...

In front of the is UDM Kampus Kota

Wan Sharif said...

kalau malas bawa kereta.. boleh lah naik bas.. walau pun nama bas tak comel.. ha..ha..